“Big Man” Skills Camp

March 8 to April 22/2015

Top Level football is excited to announce our first annual “Big Man” skills development camp!

An established 4 year not for profit organization committed to helping your your players develop their skills both on the field and in their lives off the field, we are expanding our reach and improving our focus of each of our offseason offerings in 2015.

To begin our Big Man skills development camp will kickoff at Earnest Manning Highschool Main and Auxiliary gymnasiums March 15th focusing on helping Offensive & Defensive Linemen, Linebackers and Running Backs develop their physical position skills as well as the mental side of their game.

Top Level Football’s approach is to deliver this in 4 ways:

  • Having a long term approach to your young player’s development.  Our goal is to help our players improve, grow and develop skills that will not only enhance their confidence, performance and ability to work together on a team towards football goals but more importantly in their life as a whole.
  • Organized and dynamic structure of sessions including time teaching and practicing skills, breaking down film, teaching football concepts, position specific skill progressions and competitive components over the 10 sessions
  • Engaging coaches who love working with young people and who pride themselves on being great teachers
  • Creating a positive, team oriented, competitive, safe learning environment – inspiring players to work hard, improve and having a lot of fun doing it!

With multiple coaches for each of the 4 OL, DL, LB and RB positions we will group players of similar age and skill levels appropriately to maximize players learning and challenge.

The Big Man skills development camp will run twice/week Sundays a 6:15-8:15PM at Ernest Manning Highschool and Tuesday’s 6:30-8:30PM at the Greek Community School for 6 weeks (Easter Sunday and following Tuesday break before last week in mid April).