“My son James was at the Big Man Camp (and he will be joining you for the Passing Camp)- I would just like to thank you and all the coaches for all your hard work. It was a fantastic experience for James. The work you guys did on the life skills side of things was incredible – tools that will serve him his entire life. The coaches you are working with are all very well suited to working with youngsters – it was fun to watch. James came out of each session very happy and excited. Keep it up.”

~ Cory (parent)


“Yorgo is passionate and knowledge in football and how to work with young men in the sport.   In my time as a player on his team, I believe he inspired everyone to believe in their strengths and to strive to excel in their roles no matter the situation. His commitment to his players is second to none and he will go above and beyond to help an individual reach their goals. Yorgo has three character traits that define him to me: He is confident, caring and diligent in everything that he does. He has taught me many things from ways to manage my problems, to always thinking positively, to learning how to handle myself as a man. His attention to detail and his drive to make everyone around him better are two things that stand out in my mind years after I graduated as a player from his program. I consider him a very good friend and without him I would not be the person I am today.”

~ Nemanja Miskin – former player and coach


“Yorgo coached and mentored my sons through many community football seasons. He is highly respected by his players, fellow coaches and by parents not only for the football knowledge he imparts, but for the life lessons he teaches. My sons have enjoyed successful university football careers in no small part thanks to the direction and discipline Coach Yorgo enthusiastically provided. Men with his dedication to the game are few and far between.”

~ Murray McCewan